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DigiClub Is Now Officially Launched!

Feb 08, 2005 is the official launch date for Iready’s unique membership program – DigiClub. Designed from the ground up to serve broadband Internet users this membership program is the launch pad for many new and exciting services. First off the pad is Iready’s DigiPhone digital telephone service. Unlike the traditional telephone companies and other VoIP service providers, DigiPhone operates in a totally new business model. Our focus is on membership benefits not profits. We encourage our members to refer their friends and relatives to join our program. No, we don’t offer one free month for each referral. Multi-level marketing scheme ultimately cost the customers more money. Someone has to pay for all those commissions! Instead we believe more members means more benefits and better service to ALL members. Money saved from paying commissions will enable DigiClub to offer more services and at lower fees.

In order to extend club benefits to people not yet on broadband service, we have decided to offer free unlimited dial-up service as an alternative. DigiClub members now have a choice of free DigiPhone service or free unlimited dial-up service. From Feb 09 to Feb 13, come and visit our booth at the Lunar New Year Festival at Lansdowne Centre in Richmond, BC.

FREE Unlimited Local Telephone Service!

NO, that is not a typo, you can get free local telephone service with DigiPhone. Technology has changed how we communicate with each other. Cell phones enable affordable mobile communication. Now you can switch to a digital telephone service and say goodbye to outdated and overpriced traditional landline telephone service.
(More DigiPhone info available in News)

Richmond Public Library is WIFI Ready! and The Richmond Public Library announces the official opening of free Wireless Broadband Internet access in the library.
(More info available in News)

Iready Benefits Cover:

  • Shopping - Find out what is on sale and where to get those big savings.
  • Entertainment - Special discounts to shows and live performances.
  • Dining Out - Planning for a romantic candle light dinner or just a quick lunch? Choose from a great selection of participating restaurants.
  • Secured Payment Solutions - Iready provides you with an easy and secure way to buy online or offline. No credit card required. You can also send and receive money instantly over the internet.

Worry-Free, Peace of Mind Internet Access

We offer filtered, family safe Internet service. Most parents do not have the time or resources to monitor what their children access on the Internet. Parents who care are concerned about what their children see and read about on the Internet will welcome our family safe feature. It offers worry-free, peace of mind Internet access by filtering out sex, pornography, and racist material. Worry about a virus infecting your PC or frustrated by endless junk mail? provides anti-virus and anti-spamming services for your email account at no extra cost!


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